My empathy toward patients of all backgrounds  grew exponentially

Since 2007, Child Family Health International has offered partial and full program funding opportunities with over $150,000 USD going directly to the development of participants’ global health competencies and intercultural education. CFHI is committed to working globally and addressing inequities. In line with this global lens, it is our policy to actively seek a diverse pool of candidates from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to the mission and vision of CFHI.
More than academically growing, I grew as a human. It is too easy to grow comfortable in my everyday environment, and this experience reminded me that there is so much of the world out there waiting to be explored if I just push myself to go.
Haley Deardorff
Receiving the scholarship was such a blessing because it allowed me to have an incredible experience while not having to worry as much about the effect on my bank account (one less thing to worry about is always a blessing in medical school!). This program, with the help of the scholarship, was a life changing experience!
Sam Fugate
“Let The World Change You“ is the slogan of Child Family Health International and that’s exactly what I did during my time of the global health in Ghana program.
LaTavia Lynn
This program was an immersive experience that provided me with invaluable information about Global Healthcare and specifically the culture and practices of medicine in Argentina
Cameron Kircher
I went to Delhi, India for two weeks with CFHI and I couldn't have imagined what an amazing experience it would be! I have always wanted to study abroad and I will be wrapping up my Health Sciences undergraduate degree in a semester so I decided now was the time.
Grace Shelton

Scholarships Exclusively for Virtual Opportunities

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming 2025 Virtual Scholarships:

Scholarships FAQ

What are the requirements after receiving a CFHI scholarship?

Scholarship recipients are sent a full description of their requirements via email upon being offered a CFHI scholarship. For those doing in-country programs, scholarship recipients must keep a blog during their program to document their experiences abroad. Recipients must share photos from their trip, which may be featured on the CFHI website and publications. For virtual participants, scholarship recipients will share with us their final project (or a summary of their work and outcomes), which may also be shared CFHI’s website and publications.

The goal is that scholarship recipients will be ambassadors for CFHI, helping out during webinars for prospective students or representing CFHI by tabling at global health events for students at their school or in their community.

What costs are CFHI scholarship receipents responsible for?

All scholarship recipients are responsible for their own airfare and daily living expenses, along with the balance of the program fee.

Are there any external sholarship opportunities that CFHI recommends?

Are you Pell Grant eligible? You may qualify for a grant of up to $5,000 for an international internship:

Please visit our Funding Opportunities page for more tips and suggestions for funding your program and recommended third-party scholarships.

How do I apply?

Each scholarship listed above contains a unique application link. All applicants are asked to fill out the form and provide all necessary documentation. Failure to provide all requested information will result in an incomplete application which will not be reviewed.

Can the Academic/Professional Letter of Recommendation be anonymous?

Yes, the Academic/Professional Letter of Recommendation can be anonymous if it is sent to However, please ensure that your recommender lists your first and last name in the subject line. If you choose to go with an anonymous recommendation, you must submit a document stating that the letter was shared via email and provide the name and email address of your recommender within your scholarship application.

Questions about scholarships?

Contact Madelene Sciortino, Programs and Outreach Assistant, at