CFHI’S Global Reach

CFHI's impacts are far-reaching and include thought leadership and advocacy to support ethical best practices in global health experiential education, a deep commitment to underserved learners through thoughtful, equity-focused programming and scholarships, commitment to our global team and their communities through Fair Trade Learning principles and Community Health Project Grants, and more. Join CFHI in our grassroots efforts to impact the world in meaningful, responsible, and creative new ways.

Advocacy & Research

CFHI’s reach goes well beyond our 30+ global health education programs in 10 countries, 250+ international partners, and 15,000+ alumni. Through advocacy and educational tools CFHI stimulates dialogues in international education and global health circles.
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Community Health Projects

CFHI connects with our Global Team and their communities through an asset-based approach. Where many see lack of resources, we see resourcefulness, richness of culture, a wealth of passion, and an abundance of transformative synergies. Learn more about our Community Health Project and Professional Development Grants.
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Global Health Education Programs

In Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, CFHI is a leader in community-based Global Health Education Programs, embedding participants in existing health systems and elevating local medical and public health professionals as global health experts they are. We offer a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of individual and group-based learners, and scholarship to increase access to our programs.
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Standard-setting approaches to trainees in global health

CFHI utilizes Fair-Trade Learning (FTL), a framework that guides the development and continuous improvement of global learning opportunities that rely on partnerships. This framework emphasizes ethics, authentic partnership, financial stewardship, and communication.
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