Explore Beyond Boundaries with

Off the Beaten Path Programs

Getting off the beaten path to explore global health in less touristy destinations allows for unique insights into cultural and health system realities.  CFHI Global Health immersion in the following destinations speak to scholars who want to explore a road less traveled.  

Get Off the Beaten Path

Explore destinations where you will be enveloped in deep cultural and community-based realities.

Gain a Global Perspective

By immersing yourself in diverse environments, cultivating a deeper understanding of global issues, while enhancing empathy and cultural adaptability.

Transform Personally

Venturing beyond familiar environments and comfort zones can spark profound personal growth and transformation. This is your chance to Let the world change you!

Escape Routine

Designed for students craving a respite from the mundane, these programs offer refreshing escapes, introducing new experiences that challenge perceptions and foster innovative thinking.

Be Culturally Immersed

Participants engage with local healthcare professionals through immersive clinical rotations and public health placements, spanning from hospital settings, public health and primary care.

Limited-Time Scholarships

The Off the Beaten Path Programs Scholarship offers funding to students interested in participating in a global health experience in Tarija, Kabale, Mukono, or Durban.

Global Health In Kabale, Uganda

This is your chance to embark on an enriching journey exploring the healthcare system in Kabale, Uganda. CFHI offers programs, from January to November spanning from 2 to 10 weeks. As a participant, you'll have the unique opportunity to:

  • See HIV diagnosis, treatment and prevention in action. 
  • Engage in Clinical Rotations at locations like the Nutrition and Rehabilitation Centre. 
  • Explore a unique Public Health Placement at the Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Sites. 
  • During your free time, visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to more than half of the remaining endangered populations of mountain gorillas, or explore Queen Elizabeth National Park!
Discover Kabale

Global Health in Tarija, Bolivia

This is your chance to use and practice your Spanish skills while participating in rural healthcare and being immersed in Tarija’s culture and regional splendor.

  • Witness treatments for pathologies not commonly seen in North America, including parasitosis, tuberculosis, and Chagas.
  • The program includes language classes providing participants the opportunity to practice conversational and medical Spanish.
  • Living with a local family in Tarija provides a unique opportunity to learn about the local culture while being fully immersed in it.

Global Health in Durban, South Africa

Explore this dynamic city, known not only for its breathtaking coastline and vibrant Zulu culture but also as a cultural melting pot with the largest Indian community outside of India. This is your opportunity to gain insight into how its Apartheid past has profoundly shaped South Africa’s complex health landscape.

  • Engage in clinical and public health activities in various settings, including a tertiary-level public hospital, hospices, and NGOs.
  • Learn about one of the first NGOs in South Africa to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  • In your free time, enjoy a walk along the boardwalk known as the “Golden Mile,” with its white sand and clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • Fully immerse yourself in the culture by living with a local family.

Global Health in Mukono, Uganda

If you are interested in Community Health this is your opportunity to see how Omni Med is tackling disease in Mukono through a Village Health Team!

  • Learn from Community Health Workers, called Village Health Teams, or VHT’s, who are working within the community to offer preventive and some primary health care, make referrals to health centers and coordinate larger public health initiatives. 
  • Get involved in many aspects of VHT training and maintenance, including cookstoves, protected water sources, ITN distribution, mental health, hypertension screening, and various research projects.
  • Through Omni Med, participants may be given the opportunity to be involved in clinical trial design to measure program efficacy.