The CFHI Global Health Practicum is a structured, supervised, and evaluated professional experience that allows Master’s and professional-level trainees to apply their relevant skills, knowledge, and values in a real-world setting. Practicums are also known as capstone experiences in some academic programs.

Trainees will work directly with a CFHI preceptor on all aspects of the practicum throughout the project lifecycle. The preceptor will serve as a mentor, upholding high standards in professional and ethical behavior, to ensure a meaningful learning experience for the student throughout the entire duration of the project.

Using an Asset-Based Community Development approach, CFHI identifies appropriate projects for applicants based on the needs and interests of our global partners. All practicum projects are locally led and build on existing strengths and resources, prioritizing sustainability and best practices for ethical engagement.

Program components

Practicums complement our site-specific in-person programs. These programs include meetings and lectures on the local healthcare system, socio-economic determinants of health, and current cultural and historical topics. In addition to professional guidance during the practicums, trainees gain a comprehensive understanding of the local context.

Practicum projects usually fall under one of these areas:

  • Continuing Quality Improvement Projects (CQI)
  • Capacity Building/Co-Education
  • Reciprocal  Innovation Analysis
  • Program Evaluation
  • Critical Reflection Portfolio
  • Case Study Compendium
  • Literature Review
  • Know-Do Gap Analysis
Custom project

A personalized project outline is created to align with the academic partner's requirements, the trainee's interests and expectations, and the interests of our global partners.

Qualified preceptors

Guidance and mentoring with an experienced preceptor who is a CFHI Global Team member or person appointed by Global Team with professional experience in global and/or public health.

Ongoing support

Trainees will have support from our specialized team throughout their practicum experience. This includes support with University documentation and evaluations.

Available sites

The CFHI practicum coordinator will guide students toward the best program based on their interests, available projects, and local realities.

Contact to learn about each site and start designing your practicum experience.

Project Deliverables Examples

Deliverables are agreed upon at the practicum’s beginning and developed throughout. They may be one of the following:

  • Advocacy Tool
  • Asset Mapping Report
  • Business Plan
  • Communications and Outreach Plan
  • Community Profile Reports
  • Cost-Tracking Instrument
  • Course Module
  • Curriculum
  • Data Analysis Report
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Evaluation Tool
  • Event Plan
  • Fact Sheet/Brief
  • Focus Group Guide
  • Funding Database
  • Funding Toolkit
  • Fundraising Resource Guide
  • Grant Proposal
  • Health Communication Campaign Materials
  • Literature Review
  • Marketing Plan
  • Media Materials
  • Patient Engagement Tools
  • Policy Brief
  • Program Plan
  • Secondary data analysis of global health issue
  • Social Marketing Campaign
  • Strategic Plan
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Training materials
  • Video Storyboard
  • Web-based Tool

Choose Your Path

Virtual and Hybrid Practicums Available


How much in advance must I apply?

We recommend trainees apply four months before their start date at the latest. However, University time frame requirements must be taken into consideration.

How does a practicum differ from other programs CFHI offers?

CFHI practicums are structured, supervised, and evaluated professional experiences that enable students to work on established deliverables addressing at least three Global Health Competencies established by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health in addition to any competencies required by the trainee. During the practicum, trainees will also develop project management tools and skills to ensure successful project completion.

Will I know what I will be doing before I start the practicum?

Yes, you will receive a tailored practicum outline before your practicum begins. This outline is created for each trainee, considering academic requirements, trainee interests, and local realities.

Can I get credit for this program?

Yes, many participants do. Talk to your advisor or global health faculty to find out what your school requires. CFHI assists with program enrollment, confirmation letters, evaluations, and other necessary documentation.

Are there scholarships available for place-based practicums?

CFHI offers many scholarships for place-based practicums. Visit the scholarships page to learn about requirements, deadlines, and how to apply. New scholarships are posted every few months, so be sure to check the page frequently.

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