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Child Family Health International has some favorite Global Health Education resources that we have found really useful and want anyone interested in global health to know about. See below for some of our favorite resources, also visit our Latest News and Blog.


Child Family Health International (CFHI) Global Health Education Programs

In Special Consultative Status with the United Nations, CFHI, offers Global Health Education Programs which offer internships, electives, and rotations in international communities in a way that imbeds participants in existing health systems and leverages local medical and public health professionals as the global health experts they are. Child Family Health International (CFHI) is a leader in...Read more

Six Routes to Unsupervised Clinical Practice - Academic Medicine

Many medical students and faculty members do not question the formal pathways to becoming a practicing clinician since legal rules and regulations seem fixed; however, those who spend time in other countries discover that these pathways differ from country to country and that the standard pathway in their own country of origin does not apply universally. Based on earlier work distinguishing six...Read more

Reflection in Global Health: An Anthology

The sixty-three essays in this anthology highlight the profound impact of global health experiences and illustrate the perspectives of undergraduate students, health science trainees, and young doctors working in international health systems, revealing their expectations, ideals, biases, limitations, and ambitions. The goal of this text is to encourage learners to become critical reflectors, and...Read more

Ethics and Best Practice Guidelines for Training Experiences in Global Health

The Working Group on Ethics Guidelines for Global Health Training (WEIGHT) encourages efforts to develop and implement a means of assessing the potential benefits and harms of global health training programs. WEIGHT developed a set of guidelines for institutions, trainees, and sponsors of field-based global health training on ethics and best practices in this setting. With the growing desire of...Read more


It is known that almost two-thirds of medical students expect to participate in a global health experience during their time in medical school, residency and early career paths. What this article seeks to examine, is the dynamic between the positive intent these students have and the widening gap of social inequities of health that might occur in host communites because of the impact of Short-...Read more

Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health Training

Created through a collaboration between Stanford and Johns Hopkins University, Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health Training is a series of ten cases to introduce trainees and others involved in global health research and service to ethical issues that may arise during short-term training experiences abroad. Each case is adapted from an actual scenario and has a quiz to assess learning...Read more

Short term global health experiences and local partnership models: a framework

Lawrence C. Loh, William Cherniak, Bradley A. Dreifuss, Matthew M. Dacso, Henry C. Lin and Jessica Evert offer a framework to categorize different models of local engagement in short-term experiences in global health (STEGH) based on professional experiences and a review of the existing literature. This article examines three proposed frameworks in which a STEGH may occur: 1) number of visiting...Read more

Global Health Educational Engagement: A Tale of Two Models

Global health learning experiences for medical students sit at the intersection of capacity building, ethics, and education. As interest in global health programs during medical school continues to rise, Northwestern University Alliance for International Development, a student-led and -run organization at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, has provided students with the...Read more

Developing an Ethical Framework for Short-Term International Dental and Medical Activities

Developing Global Health Programming: A Guidebook for Medical and Professional Schools, 2nd edition is an essential text for any academic institution, administrator, faculty, or student interested in developing or expanding global health education and international programs. This text expands on the 1st edition and provides a comprehensive view of global health education that is useful for...Read more

Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide

Child Family Health International (CFHI) has contributed to the seminal new text "Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide." The book gives concrete guidance on how to choose and take part in experiences in global health drawing on a wide collaboration of perspectives under the leadership of editor, Dr. Neil Arya.Read more

Do you GASP? How pre-health students delivering babies in Africa is quickly becoming consequentially unacceptable

This article can be found at The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) is an organization of over 1400 health professions advisors at colleges and universities throughout the United States, and abroad. This social network serves as a place for up-to-date resources for the professional development of health professions advisors. It assists advisors in...Read more

Developing Global Health Programming: A Guide for Medical and Professional Schools, 2nd Ed

Developing Global Health Programming: A Guidebook for Medical and Professional Schools, 2nd edition is an essential text for any academic institution, administrator, faculty, or student interested in developing or expanding global health education and international programs. This text expands on the 1st edition and provides a comprehensive view of global health education that is useful for...Read more

World Health Mapper

The World Health Mapper is an online resource that allows you to compare country-level health indicators as maps, tables, and/or charts and gain a better understanding of the worldwide impact of family medicine.Read more

Global Health NOW

From the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Global Health NOW offers summaries and exclusive articles on the latest public health news—delivering all the day’s critical stories directly into your inbox. Learn more and subscribe to GHN news.Read more

Collaboration for Host Perspectives on Global Health Competencies

The Collaboration for Host Perspectives on Global Health Competencies is a group of community and academically-based researchers from 9 countries collaborating to investigate the opinions of host faculty, staff, and community members in countries across the socioeconomic spectrum who host visiting students and trainees from other countries at their healthcare and public health facilities (...Read more

Career opportunities in global health: A snapshot of the current employment landscape

The demand for global health opportunities over the past decade has fueled a brisk increase in the number of global health training programs, yet the employment opportunities for graduates of such programs remain poorly understood. This pilot survey presents the characteristics of 178 global health employment opportunities available during two specific time periods in 2014. Understanding the...Read more

CUGH Educational Modules

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) offers free web-based educational materials on a wide variety of topics. Educational modules are designed for medical, public health, nursing and other health profession students as well as undergraduates. Students can review materials either on their own or they can function as a resource in an instructor-led course.Read more

WHO-HQ Global Health Internship Scholarship

The Network of WHO Intern Alumni, in partnership with Child Family Health International , are administering a scholarship opportunity to financially support two candidates from a low- and middle- income country (LMIC) and cover the costs of an internship at WHO Headquarters Geneva in the Winter 2015/16 cycle. Click on the "Learn More" link below, to get more details.Read more

Global Health: It Matters Now More Than Ever

Article provides resources for opportunities in global health, global health conferences, and lists of nongovernmental and other organizations that offer service trips or networking opportunities. Having some knowledge of and competencies in global health is not only relevant, but also essential, for every family physician. Many family physicians work in remote areas of the world delivering...Read more

GHLO – Association of American Medical Colleges

The Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO) Collaborative facilitates global mobility for final year students pursuing clinical, research, or public health electives outside their home country. GHLO utilizes a web-based platform that streamlines the application process for students, enables home schools to endorse student applications and track progress, and host institutions to publish and...Read more

Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS) Online Training

Want to learn how you can ensure patient safety while you are in clinics or hospitals abroad? This is a great tool for students, faculty, and advisors to know about. Created by University of Minnesota Health Careers Center, the GAPS online training , is a tool to help explore the need to prioritize patient safety and understand the implications of students being placed in health-settings in low...Read more

Teaching Corner: Child Family Health International

Child Family Health International (CFHI) is a U.S.-based nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) that has more than 25 global health education programs in ten countries annually serving more than 600 interprofessional undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate participants in programs geared toward individual students and university partners. Recognized by Special Consultative Status with...Read more

This Week in Global Health

This Week in Global Health (TWiGH) is a weekly live global health show where Dr. Greg Martin and a team of well-qualified global health experts, students, and young professionals give a brief overview of current events and topics in the global health sphere. Watch TWiGH episodes here .Read more

Identifying Interprofessional Global Health Competencies for 21st-Century Health Professionals

At the 2008 inaugural meeting of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH), participants discussed the rapid expansion of global health programs and the lack of standardized competencies and curricula to guide these programs. In 2013, CUGH appointed a Global Health Competency Subcommittee and charged this subcommittee with identifying broad global health core competencies applicable...Read more

Unite for Sight Global Health University

Online certificate programs in a variety of topics in global health, including maternal and child health, ethics of photography, social entrepreneurship, environmental health, and more. Global health delivery is complex, and programs are best developed by local medical professionals and social entrepreneurs who understand the barriers to quality care in their communities. As a global health...Read more