Health & Safety Updates Related to COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our participants and host communities remain our top priority, and we commit to best practices in preparedness and risk management for all programs. In consultation with our Global Partners and trusted advisory organizations (US Department of State, CDC, and others), CFHI is closely monitoring COVID-19 and its impact on communities around the world, especially in our program locations. All CFHI programs have rigorous COVID-19 protocols in place. All CFHI participants in place-based programs must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. CFHI is also recommending boosters for all place-based program participants.

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CFHI Place-Based Programs in 2022

All available start-dates are listed on the CFHI website. We are making every effort to notify enrolled participants at least 60 days prior to their program start-date in the case that we need to cancel a program due to COVID-19. Cancellation decisions are made using a benchmarked rubric and pulling from multiple expert sources.

Program Fees & Purchasing Flights

Given fluctuating global health realities due to COVID-19, CFHI has adapted its refund policy to be maximally flexible while also honoring our Fair-Trade commitment with our global team, all of whom are health practitioners and leaders in the Global South. All fees, including the nonrefundable $350 deposit, are now due 45 days before the program start-date. We advise students to hold off on making payments to CFHI until 45 days before their program begins. CFHI is also advising students to wait to purchase flights until 60 days or less before the program begins; to purchase refundable flights; or to seek trip cancellation insurance with coverage that would apply in the case that CFHI has to cancel the program due to COVID-19 realities.

Refunds and Options for Students whose Programs are Canceled due to COVID-19

In the case that a program is canceled due to COVID-19, participants will have multiple options which include to:

  • Withdraw from the program and recieve a full refund, minus the $350 nonrefundable deposit
  • Switch to a CFHI Virtual Opportunity and receive a refund for the difference in fees
  • Postpone the program to a later start date of the student’s choosing, with no additional fees
  • Switch to a different CFHI place-based program that will be running for the student’s original program month, with no additional fees

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Still have questions about CFHI’s COVID-19 response or how COVID-19 might affect your global health education plans with CFHI? Contact us at or by calling 415-957-9000 ext. 0.

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