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A CFHI Reflection for World Refugee Day

Jun 21, 2017
Body: CFHI is honored to receive interns from around the world at our offices in San Francisco. This summer we have the pleasure of welcoming Amani Ruiz from Rice University. Amani is passionate about understanding health disparities and exploring how CFHI’s programs can help bring awareness to the social and environmental determinants of health globally. In […]

Mabuhay: The Philippines During National Women’s Month

May 11, 2017
Body: by Ally English Program Manager, Africa and Asia Mubuhay!   As I stood waiting for the bus, I finally found a moment to observe the organized chaos of downtown: honking cars swallowed by traffic, old, grandiose Catholic churches, and the Tagalog language effortlessly melting with English. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city, I […]

CFHI’s place in the 2030 Agenda

May 02, 2017
Body: By Lyndsey Brahm Program Operations Manager There is a certain energy that is felt walking through the doors of the United Nations (UN) in New York City. It’s inspiring being surrounded by so much diversity, in a place where cultures collide for the common good. As a long time partner of the United Nations Economic […]

Toward Planetary Health

Apr 20, 2017
Body: By Anne-Gaëlle Jacquin What could a phycologist (an algae researcher) possibly do at CFHI? If you type this query into an Internet browser, it will probably ask “Do you mean psychologist?“ The link between global health and algae doesn’t seem obvious at first but there are definitely some common threads, specifically around sustainability. I am […]

How the World Changed Me in Argentina

Mar 23, 2017
Body: One of the best ways to get to know CFHI is through the experiences of the students who attend our programs.  Below is a story from Southern California student, Daniel Sarkissian. About Daniel I am a third year neuroscience major at UCLA. I currently do clinical research at the Neuromodulation Division of the Semel Institute of […]

Getting One Step Closer to a Unified Global Health Curriculum

Mar 21, 2017
Body: The term “Global Health” can be an all encompassing, and sometimes, vague term.  Individuals from the fields of public health, medicine, and more have all defined this term in different ways.  That is why when the Consortium of Universities for Global health convened in 2008, one of the items that members called for was to […]

Emerging Best Practices for Training Residents in Global Health

Nov 15, 2016
Body: By Dr. Jessica Evert Executive Director, CFHI As trainees are more and more senior (think resident physicians compared to pre-health undergraduate students), the questions around the content of their global health training, particularly in clinical settings, are more complex. As residents or young faculty we have more clinical skills and expertise, but does that mean […]

CFHI Impacts: How Local Communities are Transformed

Nov 14, 2016
Body: By Lyndsey Brahm Program Coordinator Child Family Health International (CFHI) has always prided itself on fostering honorable and long-lasting relationships with its international partner communities. Communities feel empowered and confident that their partnership with CFHI will contribute substantially to their developmental goals and will pave the way for a promising future. CFHI uses several mechanisms […]