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Breaking the Cycle of Malnutrition

Jun 29, 2021
Body: “My name is Shirley Yang. I am a CFHI intern, working virtually with CFHI’s Ugandan partner organization, KIHEFO. In this op-ed, I explain the importance of nutrition education in breaking the cycle of malnutrition and clarify misconceptions about causes and effects of malnutrition. After providing a brief overview of active nutrition programmes, run by both […]

Nutrition Education in India

Jun 28, 2021
Body: “Hi! My name is Emily and I’m a rising sophomore in the Chemistry department at Princeton University. I’m also hoping to pursue certificates in Neuroscience and Consort Singing. I;m currently interning at CFHI to further my knowledge of public health, as it has always been a passion of mine outside of the classroom. As a […]

Colonialism and Medicine in Mexico

Jun 24, 2021
Body: This podcast was developed as a part of CFHI’s virtual internship in Mexico. A group of three Princeton students sought out to better understand colonialism and its effect on medicine in Mexico. “Hello! Our names are Matthew Trotter, Steve Lopez and Amy Cho. For our podcast we wanted to explore colonialism and medicine in Mexico […]