Reasoning Without Resources Volume I

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Reasoning Without Resources is a two-volume case-based learning text written to teach both clinical global health and clinical reasoning. The cases are actual admissions and clinical histories from a rural Ugandan hospital. The questions and answers are rooted in the fundamentals of bedside clinical medicine: the value and method of obtaining a meaningful history, key physical exam findings and their place in diagnosis, and clinical reasoning itself - how impressions are formed and diagnoses made - for better or for worse. Volume 1 presents all 129 cases with their related questions. The first presentation of the 129 case-question pairs does not include answers; the cases with answers, which necessarily fill many more pages, are presented starting at the end of Volume 1 (where cases 1-47 are presented with answers) and continue in Volume 2 (where cases 48-129 are presented with answers).