We’re thrilled that you’re considering a CFHI program to enhance both your professional path and personal growth.  Wondering if you’re eligible? CFHI’s general eligibility to participate in our global health education programs is the following,

Age Requirement:

We welcome individuals who are at least 19 years of age. Age is but a number, and our programs are designed to inspire learners of all generations.

Cultural humility

We value cultural humility and a sincere desire to explore global health with an open heart and open mind.

Language Proficiency:
While it’s not a prerequisite for all programs, some of our Latin American programs require beginner or intermediate Spanish proficiency. To explore specific language requirements, please visit our Programs page.

Academic Enrollment:

You do not need to be currently enrolled in an academic institution to join CFHI. Our programs are open to undergraduate students, health professionals, graduate students, and individuals from various professional backgrounds.

Let the World Change You!

CFHI’s award-winning programs are rooted in ethical best practices and prioritize safe, high quality experiental learning opportunities for participants of all levels.

Still have questions about eligibility?

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