How the Social Contract Can Frame International Electives

Sep 26, 2019
Short-term experiences in global health (STEGHs) are common ways trainees engage in global health activities, which can be viewed by students as either altruistic or opportunistic. This article, co-authored by Jessica Evert, CFHI's Executive Director, explores how STEGHs express the social contract medicine has with society, emphasizes areas of breakdown in this social contract, and calls for...Read more

Examining the Role of International Service-Learning in American Medical Education: A National Exploratory Study

Sep 26, 2019
There is a recent rise in demand for international rotations in medical school, during which U.S. schools send medical students to another country for an immersive educational experience, but there is little research surrounding the characteristics, ethics, and institutional support for these types of rotations. This study examines the types of international rotations that exist in medical...Read more

Employment Opportunities and Experiences among Recent Master’s-Level Global Health Graduates

Aug 19, 2019
The global health workforce has changed considerably, with health systems increasingly relying upon local and nationally trained staff and management. As such, the impetus has increased for universities in high-income countries (HICs) to develop programs that provide graduates the diversification of skills to fit current global health demands. Expansion of global health education programs is well...Read more

Practising beyond one's scope while working abroad

Jul 12, 2019
Large numbers of health-care professionals and trainees from high-income countries travel to low-income and middle-income countries as participants in short-term experiences in global health (STEGHs), which last from a week to several months. STEGHs encompass various types of clinical and non-clinical professional activity and raise many ethical issues, the management of which is key to...Read more

Special Collection: Short Term Experiences in Global Health (STEGHs): Urgent Need for a Legal and Ethical Framework

Jun 17, 2019
Short Term Experiences in Global Health (STEGHs) are invaluable for opening the eyes of students from high-income countries to the often harsh realities of health and health care in poor countries. When properly conducted, STEGHs can do great good. But the dark side is that STEGHs can provide a platform for activities that are unethical and in some cases criminal – such activities as practicing...Read more

Not Above the Law: A Legal and Ethical Analysis of Short-Term Experiences in Global Health

Jun 17, 2019
Coauthored by CFHI Executive Director Dr. Jessica Evert, this paper considers the legal framework within which short-term experiences in global health (STEGHs) operate. It assesses whether certain STEGH practices break laws in the US and/or host countries or violate international “soft” legal norms. Two activities of particular concern are: practicing medicine without a license and drug...Read more

Guidelines for Undergraduate Health-Related Experiences Abroad

Mar 29, 2018
Child Family Health International Executive Director Jessica Evert coauthored this new text released by The Forum on Education Abroad on March 28, 2018. The set of guidelines give clear and meaningful instructions to organizations interested in improving the quality of their global health education programs. The guidelines aim to create global health education programs that focus on education and...Read more

Guidelines for Responsible Short-Term Global Health Activities: Developing Common Principles

Jan 10, 2018
This study, coauthored by CFHI Executive Director Jessica Evert M.D., aims to create commonality in global health principles and practices through incorporating the visions of an organization with those of its host partners. After reviewing studies of host community perspectives on global health programs, 6 core principles for ethical short-term global health activities were created. These...Read more

Foundations for Global Health Practice

Jan 02, 2018
This book presents a broad introduction to the field of global health, with a focus on ethical approaches to global health programs. Readers will learn the essential concepts, systems and principles of global health, engage in up-to-date discussion of challenges and solutions to global health issues, and learn how to practice ethical global health. Foundations for Global Health Practice also...Read more

Global Health Experiential Education from Theory to Practice

Sep 14, 2017
This book presents best practices for ethical and safe international health elective experiences for trainees and the educational competencies and evaluation techniques that make them valuable. It includes commentaries, discussions and descriptions of global health education guidelines, reviews of the literature, as well as research. Click here to order online more

Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide

Jun 29, 2017
Child Family Health International (CFHI) has contributed to the seminal new text "Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide." The book gives concrete guidance on how to choose and take part in experiences in global health drawing on a wide collaboration of perspectives under the leadership of editor, Dr. Neil Arya.Read more

Visiting Trainees in Global Settings: Host and Partner Perspectives on Desirable Competencies

May 26, 2017
This study found different levels of agreement between partners across economic regions of the world when compared with existing global health competencies. By gaining insight into host partners' perceptions of desired competencies, global health education programs in LMICs can be more collaboratively and ethically designed to meet the priorities, needs, and expectations of those stakeholders...Read more

Service Learning as a Framework for Competency-Based Local/Global Health Education

Jan 04, 2017
Service learning is a field that can provide the foundation for emphasizing the relevancy and realities of local/global health. Service learning is now widely accepted as a form of experiential education in which students “engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote student learning and development.” 1...Read more

Improving the Safety and Security of Those Engaged in Global Health Traveling Abroad

Dec 23, 2016
We need to improve the safety and security of global health students, faculty, residents, and workers who travel abroad, particularly those affiliated with smaller organizations or educational programs that lack resources and protocols. We offer a checklist covering 6 core elements: (1) institutional commitment, (2) trainee and faculty participation, (3) safety and security assessment and...Read more

Partnering With Parteras

Dec 23, 2016
Medical students are increasingly seeking global health service-learning opportunities; however, the impact of these interventions is often not assessed. In this article, the authors describe a model for global health service-learning programs as well as a pilot tool for assessing program impacts on populations traditionally difficult to evaluate. Specifically, a group of medical students from...Read more

Will there be enough jobs for trained global health professionals?

Oct 01, 2016
At the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) annual conference in San Francisco in April, leading educators in breakout session discussions expressed concern at the increasing number of global health programmes being offered at universities in high-income countries in Europe and North America. Student demand for global health training is clearly robust, but we don't yet know much...Read more

Taking it Global: Structuring Global Health Education in Residency Training

Aug 16, 2016
To meet the demand by residents and to provide knowledge and skills important to the developing physician, global health (GH) training opportunities are increasingly being developed by United States (U.S.) residency training programs. However, many residency programs face common challenges of developing GH curricula, offering safe and mentored international rotations, and creating GH experiences...Read more

Reflection in Global Health: An Anthology

Jan 31, 2016
This seminal text highlights the perspectives of learners in global health settings, including tensions between ideals/aspirations and realities/complexities. CFHI published the book with Gold Foundation, Consortium of Universities for Global Health, Loyola University, and University of Pittsburg.Read more

Beyond Medical "Missions" to Impact-Driven Short-Term Experiences in Global Health (STEGHs): Ethical Principles to Optimize Community Benefit and Learner Experience

Dec 01, 2015
CFHI Executive Director, Dr. Jessica Evert, Dr. Melissa Melby, Dr. Lawrence Loh, Dr. Christopher Prater, Dr. Henry Lin, and Dr. Omar A. Khan describe the ethical concerns surrounding short-term global health experiences and the disciplinary approaches that can be incorporated to increase their effectiveness and sustainability.Read more

Global Health: It Matters Now More Than Ever

Aug 13, 2015
CFHI Executive Director, Jessica Evert, MD and Ranit Mishori, MD, MHS, FAAFP discuss the importance for family physicians in the US to have knowledge of and competencies in global health. Published in the American Family Physician (AFP).Read more