Reflection in Global Health An Anthology, Volume 2

Reflection in Global Health An Anthology, Volume 2

Edited by Virginia McCarthy, DrPH, MPH, MDiv; Jessica Evert, MD; Neeloofar Soleimanpour, MPH; Kimberly Sluis, EdD; Amy Blair, MD; and Thuy Bui, MD.

Global Health is an interdisciplinary field that blends public health, clinical care, planetary health, social determinants of health, and much more. As trainees and professionals seek immersive experiences and training in the field, they encounter colonialism, bias, power imbalances, and dynamics that make walking the talk of equity and justice an endeavor that requires a lens of critical reflection – one focused both on the self and the structural elements of the world. Whitney and Clayton (in Research on and Through Reflection in International Service Learning) remind us that experiential education “all too easily leads to reinforced stereotypes, simplistic solutions to complex problems and inaccurate generalizations from limited data” without intentional practices of critical reflection. This anthology is a compilation of reflective essays and expressions that capture personal and professional journeys essential to developing authentic and transformative insights in Global Health. The contents of this book draw from the Consortium of Universities for Global Health annual Reflection in Global Health contest. This anthology is intended to serve as a resource and educational tool for practitioners and educators, alike, and to engage more with all who are committed to elevating reflection in Global Health.

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