Virtual Global & Public Health Internship – Uganda

Program overview

The Virtual Global & Public Health Internship offers undergraduate, pre-health, and graduate-level participants  the unique opportunity to learn foundational, industry-specific skills for careers in Global Health, Public Health, and related fields. Through engaging virtual seminars and interactive meetings, interns will have the opportunity to delve into the innovative approaches adopted by communities in southwest Uganda to tackle their most pressing health challenges. This includes addressing issues related to HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, improving maternal and child health outcomes, and implementing nutrition and food security interventions. Led by the Medical Director, this program will allow interns the opportunity to network with healthcare providers and NGO professionals who are working to improve clinical and public health outcomes in Uganda. 

In addition, participants will join weekly Global Health seminars and bimonthly Roundtables, where they can engage with CFHI’s Medical Directors and gain a comparative perspective on Global Health. Upon request, participants will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion. Areas of focus could include:

  • Health system in Uganda
  • HIV/AIDS – Maternal, Neonatal and Child health
  • Rabbit Breeding, Poverty and Public Health
  • Nutrition, Water and Sanitation


General information
Uganda Virtual Internships
Maternal & Reproductive Health Nutrition & Food Security Pediatrics & Child Health Planetary Health Primary health care Public Health
Fees and Duration
4 Weeks - $975
Start Dates
August 5th, 2024 September 2nd, 2024 October 7th, 2024 November 4th, 2024 January 6th, 2025 February 3rd, 2025 March 3rd, 2025 April 7th, 2025 May 5th, 2025 June 2nd, 2025 July 7th, 2025 August 4th, 2025 September 1st, 2025 October 6th, 2025 November 3rd, 2025

About this program

Who can apply?

CFHI virtual internships are ideal for undergraduates, pre-health students, graduate students, and non-students who have a demonstrated interest in Global Health, Public Health, and related fields. This virtual internship is a good fit for students who have an interest in global or public health and would like to learn about health challenges in Uganda, such as infectious diseases, maternal & child health, and nutrition.

Language Required: English

Uganda’s national language is English, and CFHI’s in-country partners speak English fluently.

The Virtual Global & Public Health Internship is an unpaid experience. Student fees will be used to compensate CFHI’s Global Partners– in line with our Fair Trade commitment.

Program Components
  • Robust competency-informed readings and content 
  • Country-specific seminars and activities 
  • Access to Pillars of Global Health: Building Competencies for Global Health Engagement modules
  • Access to and training rooted in intercultural tools through CFHI partner Aperian
  • Access to the CFHI Global Health Professional Development Hub events and materials
  • Bi-weekly roundtables featuring global health experts from 3-5 countries
  • Synchronous and asynchronous virtual sessions led by CFHI Global Partners, all experts in local health systems and culture
  • Training module: Self Care & Wellness for your Virtual Program
  • Facilitated group reflection sessions 
  • Orientation and debrief sessions lead by CFHI Virtual Programs Coordinator    
  • Support from CFHI’s Virtual Programs Coordinator

The Virtual Global & Public Health Internship is an unpaid experience. Student fees will be used to compensate CFHI’s Global Partners– in line with our Fair Trade commitment.

Schedule Overview

The program requires participants to dedicate 8- 12 hours per week to live Zoom sessions. During this time, students participate in lectures, seminars, and roundtables. Additionally, students may be assigned independent tasks by the local Medical Director to successfully complete the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get credit for this program? 

Yes, many participants do. To find out what is required at your school, talk to your advisor or global health faculty. CFHI assists with program enrollment, confirmation letters, evaluations, and other documentation you may need.

Are there scholarships available for virtual programs?

CFHI offers many scholarships for both place-based and virtual programs. Visit the scholarships page to find out more about requirements, deadlines, and more information on how to apply. New scholarships are posted every few months, so be sure to check the page frequently.

How do I access course materials and the schedule once I am enrolled?

Once you are enrolled in a CFHI virtual program and have completed the necessary application steps, you will be sent a welcome email with information on how to access course materials and the course schedule via Google Classroom. You will also be invited to a virtual orientation that will introduce you to CFHI and help you prepare for the start of the program.

When is the program fee due?

The program fee is due 3 weeks before the start date of the program.

Can I get a certificate of completion once I finish the program? 

Yes! All students who complete a CFHI virtual program may request a certificate of completion by emailing

Meet the Local Team

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo
Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo
Kabale, Uganda Medical Director

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo

Dr. Anguyo is the Founder/Executive Director of CFHI’s local partner, a Ugandan non-profit organization that prides itself on the creation of an “Activated Community.” Dr. Anguyo has been practicing medicine for over twenty years in Uganda, working in government hospitals, private clinics, and through non-profit healthcare delivery. His specialty is HIV/AIDS. Dr. Anguyo grew up in Northern Uganda. As a child, his family was displaced by political violence, fleeing to Congo DRC. These early experiences were formative, and today Dr. Anguyo remains committed to developing practical solutions to improving healthcare and livelihood in Uganda. Dr. Anguyo is currently working on his Doctorate in Public Health at Bath University in the United Kingdom.

How to Apply

Create a profile

Submit application

Hear back from CFHI team

Complete requirements and access the virtual platform

What alumni say about this program

Natasha Program's Alumni

” I think this program is wonderful for those who are in the Public Health field. It allows us to learn about things going on in different countries that we do not encounter here. I loved learning about different portions of the world and being able to learn from different directors from different programs.”


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