Hybrid Practicum

Program overview

The CFHI Hybrid Global Health Practicum is a structured, supervised, and evaluated professional experience for Master’s and Professional level students to apply their relevant skills, knowledge, and values in a real-world setting. 

The student undergoes the program in two distinct stages, completing both the place-based and virtual components. Throughout the project lifecycle, students collaborate closely with a CFHI preceptor, who acts as a mentor, upholding high standards of professional and ethical conduct to ensure a meaningful and continuous learning experience.

Using an Asset-Based Community Development approach, CFHI identifies appropriate projects for applicants based on the needs and interests of our global partners. All practicum projects are locally-led and build on existing strengths and resources, prioritizing sustainability and best practices for ethical engagement.

In addition to developing and sharpening global health capacities, trainees will build skills needed to effectively work across intercultural teams, as they will play a key role in keeping project timelines moving and ensure milestones and deliverables are met.

General information
Bolivia Ecuador Ghana India Philippines Uganda Virtual Practicums
Public Health
Advanced Spanish Beginner Spanish English Intermediate Spanish
Fees and Duration
4 Weeks - $2320 8 Weeks - $3820
Start Dates
June 3rd, 2024 July 1st, 2024 August 5th, 2024 September 2nd, 2024 October 7th, 2024

About this program

Program Components

CFHI Program fees include the majority of your on the ground costs. As a nonprofit, CFHI strives to keep fees low and offers fundraising opportunities, scholarships and discounts.

Practicum Oversight

  • A personalized project outline  
  • Guidance and mentoring with an experienced preceptor
  • Support with University requirements prior and during the practicum

Virtual Services 

  • Access to the CFHI Global Health Professional Development Hub materials and events, including Global health hub– weekly seminars and roundtables
  • Locally run health seminars and lectures
  • Exclusive access to Pillars of Global Health, a comprehensive program on Building Competencies for Global Health Engagement
  • Training module: Self Care & Wellness for Virtual Participants
  • Virtual support from the Virtual Programs Coordinator
  • Orientation, mid-term follow up, and end-of-program meetings with the Virtual Programs Coordinator    

Pre-Departure Support

  • Program advising and support via email, phone, and web meeting from CFHI’s Central Leadership team
  • Detailed online Pre-Departure Training that includes modules on program logistics (flights, visas, immunizations, and more), intercultural learning, introduction to health realities at your program site, and much more

On-Site Services

  • Airport pick-up upon arrival and transportation with a local CFHI representative to your program lodging
  • Welcome orientation 1-2 days after arrival covering safety, transportation, and other logistics
  • CFHI Local Team that provides instruction and logistical support
  • Support from CFHI’s Virtual Programs Coordinator
  • Meetings and lectures with local healthcare professionals. 
  • Placement and coordination of clinical and any public health activities (if relevant)
  • Accommodation and two meals per day
  • Local cell phone or support obtaining a local SIM card
  • International emergency medical and evacuation insurance (unless waived by your university or institution)

Post-Return Resources

  • Opportunities to engage as a CFHI Alumni Ambassador, reviewing scholarship applications, speaking on CFHI panels, and more
  • CFHI alumni newsletter highlighting events, professional development opportunities, resources, and ways to stay involved
Schedule Overview

The program schedule is highly personalized, encompassing a minimum of 4 weeks, split equally between virtual and place-based components.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a hybrid practicum?
Hybrid practicums are at least 4 weeks long, with at least two of these weeks being place-based.

Does the virtual or the place based leg go first?
Student needs are taken into consideration on a case to case basis, but the virtual leg usually goes first.

Will I know what I will be doing before I start the practicum?
Yes, you will receive a tailored practicum outline before your practicum begins. This outline is created for each student taking academic requirements, student interests and local realities into consideration.

How much in advance must I apply?
We recommend students apply 6 months before their start date at the latest. However, University time frame requirements must be taken into consideration.

Can I get credit for this program?
Yes, many participants do. To find out what is required at your school, talk to your advisor or global health faculty. CFHI assists with program enrollment, confirmation letters, evaluations, and other documentation you may need.

Are there scholarships available?
CFHI offers many scholarships for both place-based and virtual programs. Visit the scholarships page to find out more about requirements, deadlines, and more information on how to apply. New scholarships are posted every few months, so be sure to check the page frequently.

When is the program fee due?
The program deposit is due 60 days before the start date and the full program fee is due 45 days before the start date.

Meet CFHI's Practicum Coordinator

Juliana Araya Amador
Juliana Araya Amador
CFHI Practicum Coordinator

Juliana Araya Amador, Practicum Coordinator

Juliana is the Practicum Coordinator at CFHI. In this role, she meets individually with practicum-seekers and connects them to projects and preceptors for a strong practicum experience. Juliana studied medicine at the Universidad de Ciencias Médicas (UCIMED) in Costa Rica and currently teaches physiology at this institution. She is engaged in different public health projects and educational research and speaks of social justice and Global Health related issues to anyone that gives her an opportunity. Her interests include Human Rights, social justice, health access in indigenous communities, history of medicine, and education. She enjoys time with her family and pets at the park, reading, arts and crafts, gardening and getting to know different points of views.

How to Apply

Email CFHI practicum coordinator juliana@cfhi.org with a copy of your CV/resume 

Arrange an interview

Create profile at www.cfhi.org and complete application

Wait for response from CFHI team 

Upon acceptance and payment of the deposit, project development will begin in collaboration with the preceptor.


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