Tania Martinez 1

Teaching Asst. Virtual Global Health Elective Test 11111

Tania is a Medical Student, currently pursuing a Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Costa Rica. She is interested in the field of Community Medicine, and Maternal and Child Health. One of her main goals as a future health care professional is to get involved into addressing health disparities and focus on reaching underserved populations.

She grew up surrounded by a very international environment so she has developed an interest in knowing different cultures and learning valuable principles of each to keep for her life.

Tania is passionate about working with different kinds of populations, knowing their realities, learning from them and trying to contribute with their empowerment. She considers that some of the experiences that have impacted and enriched her life the most have been working with teenagers in her community for several years as part of personal and spiritual growth programs, and working with the Ngöbe indigenous population in the south of Costa Rica and with prisoners at governmental penal centers as partof her clinical training.

As an alumni of the CFHI Virtual Global Health Elective and now part of the CFHI Team, Tania expects to keep building an increasingly thoughtful perspective of global health, interculturality and health equity.


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