Rodney Reynolds, PhD

Rodney Reynolds

Position: European Advisory Committee

Dr. Rodney J Reynolds is a Teaching Fellow in Global Health and Academic Director of the UCL Institute for Global Health’s TropEd Masters of International Health and current President of the TropEd Network. His career started within the Department of Anthropology of UCL where he lectured and led graduate and undergraduate seminars in applied studies and medical anthropology. While in that role, Rodney co-developed a web-based tool for asynchronous collaborative learning called The Network for Student Activism. The UCL Provost recognized this initiative with an award for innovation. He currently focuses on global health teaching and research. In this context, he has developed various courses aiming at combining an anthropological understanding and analysis of global health themes such as: mortality vs morbidity and health promotion within the context of global health. His research priorities encompass technology and learning and cultural dimensions of overweight and obesity in Latin America. He is currently a Newton Fellow and undertaking ethnographic research in Mexico around these themes.

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