Dr. Karina Gamarra Hoyos

Position: Global Partner
Collaborating Partner

The role of CFHI Medical Director is to arrange clinical and public health placements, supervise participant experiences at these sites, provide weekly lectures, and assist in medical issues experienced by participants. Dr. Gamarra is the expert on socioeconomic determinants of health in the region and healthcare delivery strategies in low-resource settings.

Dr. Karina Gamarra Hoyos has been working with CFHI since 2009. She completed her MD at San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca in Sucre, Bolivia and her MPH at Universidad Autónoma Juan Misael Saracho in Havana, Cuba, specializing in Epidemiology. Dr. Gamarra also has extensive research experience on Chagas disease and currently manages her own health consulting firm, designing and implementing health programs in the region.

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