Carolina Bolaños Palmieri

Position: Staff
Collaborating Partner

Carolina Bolaños Palmieri is CFHI Director of Programs. Through her work, she oversees the development of high-quality, ethical, appropriately scoped programs, both virtual and place-based. She also directs CFHI’s safety and risk management work.
Carolina is also the associate director for the InterAmerican Center for Global Health, CFHI’s partner in Costa Rica and the first global health hub in Central America. Additionally, she serves as the executive director for Advance Health Education Costa Rica and an adjunct instructor at the University of Maryland Graduate School.
Carolina combines her work in global health education with her background in Nutrition. As a registered dietitian, she advocates for using food to bridge sustainability, health, and equity through her work in sustainable food systems and food policy. She is a researcher for INFORMAS Costa Rica and the Education and Research Coordinator for the NGO Alimentalistas, an organization dedicated to fighting food waste, where she additionally sits on the board of directors.
Carolina has a Bachelor’s and a licentiate degree in Nutrition from the University of Costa Rica and holds a master’s degree in Global Health from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health and the University of Barcelona.

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