Abiola Samuel, MPH


Position: Alumni

Institution: Board Secretary

Abby (Abiola) is from Delaware and got her undergraduate education from the University of Delaware. She expressed her interest in global health where she did an Independent study on Female Genital Mutilation among the immigrant population in the United States. She got her Master’s in Public Health degree from Thomas Jefferson University and later went on to medical school where she is still very much interested in working with the underserved population both locally and internationally. She is currently the Founder and Chair of ACOM Addiction Information Coalition and uses her position to help bring awareness about Opioid abuse, Substance misuse and Addiction in the community; in elementary schools, high schools, and shelters. She was able to participate in one of CFHI trips to Mumbai, India where she educated people in the rural and some urban areas of Mumbai on family planning, safe sex education, breastfeeding and immunizations. She also had the opportunity to observe, learn, and work with the doctors in Mumbai on the different infectious diseases indigent in the Mumbai area, that we would most of the time just see in textbooks or health channels.

Abby hopes to make a difference in our society both locally and globally on matters pertaining to the health of a population and not just from an individual stance. She believes a healthy and well-informed nation is a wealthy one.

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