Global Health Comparative: Virtual Internship

The virtual internship offers undergraduate, pre-health, and graduate-level participants a unique opportunity to “travel” to several countries in 4 weeks, to engage in deep learning around healthcare systems in 5-10 countries. Through seminars and facilitated sessions with CFHI's wide network of Global Partners, interns will see how communities in Africa, Asia, and the Americas address their most pressing health challenges.

This internship will incorporate CFHI’s expertise in facilitated competency development and global health topics through live and self-guided trainings, workshops, and seminars to develop foundational skills for careers in Global Health, Public Health, and related fields. Additionally, interns will complete a project and presentation to support the ongoing work of one of our partners. All participants will receive a certificate of completion upon request.

Program components:

  • Competency-informed readings and content 
  • Access to intercultural training tools through CFHI partner, Aperian Global
  • Live and self-paced virtual sessions led by CFHI Global Partners, all experts in local health systems and culture
  • Facilitated group reflection sessions with a virtual cohort of interns
  • Cultural learning/virtual immersion

The Global Health Comparative: Virtual Internship is an unpaid experience. Student fees will be used to compensate CFHI's Global Partners-- in line with our Fair Trade commitment.

CFHI offers options for students and faculty to fit your interests and schedule. Choose your program duration, or for a comparative experience, choose to participate in multiple programs. CFHI can also often accommodate alternate program dates upon request. For more information see our How to Apply page.


4 Weeks $1,025
Arrival Dates: 
Sep 07, 2020 Oct 05, 2020 Jan 04, 2021 Feb 01, 2021 Mar 01, 2021 Apr 05, 2021 May 03, 2021 Jun 07, 2021 Jul 05, 2021 Aug 02, 2021 Sep 06, 2021 Oct 04, 2021 Nov 01, 2021 Jan 03, 2022 Feb 07, 2022 Mar 07, 2022 Apr 04, 2022 May 02, 2022 Jun 06, 2022 Jul 04, 2022 Aug 01, 2022 Oct 03, 2022 Nov 07, 2022 

On a weekly basis, interns will engage in seminars, workshops, and trainings to improve foundational knowledge, skills, and attitudes in Global Health. Sessions will include seminars presented by CFHI's Global Partners, interactive modules focused on developing competencies and understanding best practices in Global Health, and reflection sessions facilitated by CFHI's team of experts. 

Students will select one country of focus and complete its Virtual Global & Public Health Internship. For the comparative component of the internship, students will attend weekly Global Health Round Tables. These sessions bring together CFHI's Medical Directors, spanning 12 countries, to discuss a chosen topic. Past Global Health Round Table topics include Maternal-Child Health, COVID-19, and Cross-Cultural and Care of Diverse Identities in Global Settings.

This program is ideal for undergraduates, pre-health students, graduate students, and non-students who have a demonstrated interest in Global Health, Public Health, and related fields. To confirm you are eligible, please read CFHI's general eligibility requirements

Language Required: English

  • Competency-informed readings and content 
  • Access to and training rooted in intercultural tools through CFHI partner Aperian Global
  • Virtual sessions led by CFHI Global Partners, all experts in local health systems and culture
  • Facilitated group reflection sessions 
  • Seminars on health topics
  • Final presentation and report to synthesize learning
  • Certificate of completion