CFHI’s reach goes well beyond our 30+ global health education programs in 10 countries, 250+ international partners, and 8,000+ alumni. Through advocacy and educational tools CFHI stimulates dialogues in international education and global health circles. CFHI advocates for ethically mindful, financially just, and educationally rigorous global health activities.

CFHI advocates on a variety of fronts.

CFHI co-led the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards for Undergraduate Students in Health-Related Settings, as recognized by the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission. In addition, CFHI belongs to the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) and participates in the sub-committee for inter-professional global health competencies (link) and co-published the seminal text in developing global health education at medical and professional schools.

Recent research efforts include evaluating the impact of CFHI programs on host communities, analyzing the impacts of our programs on participants, and contrasting global health education that is integrated in local health systems versus that occurring outside such systems.