This scholarship commemorates the life of Susan Hershey who loved Mexico – especially its people, culture, and landscapes. To honor Susan’s memory, the Susan Hershey Memorial Scholarship supports students to take part in CFHI’s global and virtual programs. Through the scholarship, Susan’s love of Mexico will be carried on by students, young professionals, and Global Health Leaders of tomorrow who will develop a deep understanding of the Mexico through a cross cultural experience focusing on innovations in health and wellness. Scholarship recipient will develop leadership skills, advocacy expertise, cross-culture effectiveness, and an appreciation of how to do more when you have less. In addition, the experiences facilitated by this scholarship nurture humanism, empathy, civic engagement, and embrace of diversity. These are all values Susan held and would have wanted emphasized in our world and discourse.

Since 1992, Child Family Health International (CFHI) has been a recognized leader in providing immersive, cross-cultural experiences in Global Health around the world for undergraduate and graduate students. CFHI is a United Nations-recognized non-profit organization who contributes to and embodies educational and programmatic standards through the Forum on Education Abroad, Consortium of Universities for Global Health, NAFSA, World Medical Association, and GlobalSL. CFHI is Diversity Abroad’s 2019 awardee for Diversity and Inclusion Champion and recipient of the National Society for Experiential Education Award of Excellence for Outstanding Leadership in Experiential Education for community-based programs.

The Susan Hershey Memorial Scholarship Program features two scholarships: