Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Students

CFHI programs are an important stepping stone for pre-medical and pre-health students interested in Global Health, health disparities, and international medicine. These are opportunities to get unique exposure to clinical and public health realities, build relationships with health care providers abroad and like-minded fellow trainees. CFHI provides a understanding of global health that builds your knowledge of health policy, global health movements, careers in Global Health, language skills, and cultural competencies. CFHI Programs lay a foundation that will serve you well as you apply to medical or other professional schools and graduate programs. CFHI participants have gone on to become leaders in the Global Health field and overwhelmingly become commited to careers addressing injustices, disparities, and diverse communities. CFHI Global Health Education Programs come in two forms, our 4-16 week Global Health Immersion Programs that are offered 12 months a year, and our Global Health Intensives that are shorter 2 week surveys offerred during particular times of the year. CFHI can work with you are your school to pursue school credit, independent study, service-learning, internships, or study abroad. Email us at if you have more questions. Visit our 4+ week Global Health Immersion Programs and 2-week Global Health Intensives.

Programs usually focus on one or more global health related themes. You can find the full list below:

Primary Care and Health Justice

Public Health & Advocacy

Hospital & Inpatient Medicine

Maternal & Reproductive Health

Global Health Nursing

Pediatrics & Child Health


Urban/Rural Comparative

Traditional & Indigenous Medicine

End of Life & Palliative Care

Dental Care and Oral Health

Intensive Beginner Spanish

Vision/Ophthalmology/Fighting Blindness