Pillars of Global Health: Building Competencies for Global Health Engagement

Now Available! Building on CFHI's 30+ years of expertise in ethical community-based global health educational programs, CFHI and Aperian Global are very pleased to announce the launch of Pillars of Global Health, a series of online modules for students and academic institutions. The full set of self-paced, fully asynchronous modules take an average of 8-10 hours to complete. The modules can be used by individuals or purchased by academic institutions and embedded into classes, pre-departure trainings, Global Health Tracks, and more. Upon successful completion of the modules and comprehensive quiz, students will receive a certificate. Purchase information and FAQ's are below.

Pillars of Global Health: Building Competencies for Global Health Engagement -List of Modules

  1. Global Health Definitions and Discourses
  2. Planetary and One Health
  3. Global Health Ethics
  4. Social Determinants of Health
  5. Diversity, Equity, and Health Disparities
  6. Cross-Cultural Effectiveness and Adaptability (Includes free embedded access to the Globesmart tool by Aperian Global and the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale by the Kozai Group)
  7. Global Burden of Disease

For group access and academic discounts, contact (for current CFHI academic partners and collaborators) and (for all other group access inquirants). 

How to Purchase Pillars of Global Health today:

Pillars of Global Health - Instructions for Accessing the Course

  1. Go to:
  2. Select "Course Catalog" in the upper right and click on "Pillars of Global Health."
  3. Click "Get this Course," then Sign up with your contact information and a Username and Password of your choosing
  4. Return to your email and click on the confirmation link to complete your registration 
  5. Return to TalentLMS, select "Course Catalogue" in the upper right, and Select the Pillars  of Global Health course. 
  6. Click 'Checkout' to proceed to the Paypal/Credit card payment window. (If you have a coupon, click the 'Got a coupon?' link and enter the coupon and click 'validate.')

Enjoy your learning! Please contact if you have any questions or difficulties with access.

FAQs for Pillars of Global Health Modules

What is the best way to begin completing the Pillars of Global Health modules right away? Follow the instructions above under "How to Purchase Pillars of Global Health today" to quickly set up your account, purchase the modules, and initiate access. 

Once purchased, how long will an institution have access to the modules? For one year from the date you first access the course.

If an institution only wants to use a few of the modules, is there a reduced fee? No, the fee is for access to all of the modules but you are free to access whichever ones you want or to assign only specific ones to students.  

What if we overestimate the number of students/faculty for whom we need access? An institution will be able to carry over unused access for up to six months into a renewal contract. 

What if we underestimate the number of students/faculty for whom we need access? We can work with you to amend the initial estimate and provide you with access for  more individuals.  

Does CFHI give academic credit at the end of module completion? Not at this time. 

Will a student obtain evidence of successful completion of the modules? Yes, after completing all modules, a student who achieves 80% or better on the  comprehensive quiz will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Can CFHI make a presentation to our students about this offering? Yes, we would be happy to arrange a presentation. Contact to request a presentation. 

If we decide to promote these modules on our website can CFHI provide us with a logo  and a link directing students to the module registration link? Yes, we will be happy to work with you to facilitate a seamless process. 

Will CFHI be developing other modules in the future? We anticipate creating new modules and will look to our user community to guide us in the topics of most interest. 

Will there be a way for users to provide CFHI feedback on the modules? Yes, we will make an evaluation available as we do for all CFHI programs. 

Does CFHI provide discounted pricing for institutional and student access for those  located in low and middle-income countries (LMIC)? Yes, we do! We are happy to provide those details, upon request. 

Who can I contact to learn more about Pillars? Current CFHI collaborators and partners can contact Robin Young, at For interested/potential CFHI partners and collaborators and for general information about Pillars of Global Health, contact Jenny Samaan, Ph.D. Sr. Medical Education Consultant, CFHI: You can also watch a previous webinar about Pillars of Global Health here: Pillars of Global Health New CFHI Online Course  Passcode: #ZN#0gBy

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