Sara Aranda, M.Sc


Position: Alumni

Institution: Alumni Engagement Chair

Sara is a data science professional who works on clinical trials that support the development of new therapeutics to prevent HIV/AIDS. She was born in Seattle, Washington but spent much of her childhood in Guanajuato, Mexico and considers both places her home. Since she was young she has been passionate about helping undeserved populations and the biomedical sciences, which has led her to seek a career in global health. During her undergraduate career she participated in many international volunteering projects in five different countries, ultimately leading and planning these projects herself. This inspired Sara to seek an M.S. in Global Health from Northwestern University, to gain a holistic understanding of the many factors that cause the observed health disparities around the world. In the fall of 2017 she participated in a trip to Kisoga, Uganda in partnership with CFHI and OmniMed Uganda, where she participated in the education of community health workers and the evaluation of the implementation of an improved cook stove project throughout the Mukono district. Her experiences have engendered a passion not only for global health, but the ethical implementation of student participation of global health projects to create positive and sustainable change throughout the world.

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