Letter of Recommendation

The referee can follow the guidelines  below when drafting the letter of recommendation.
The letter can be brief, for example "I recommend ________ to participate in your program
based on the the criteria provided by CFHI". 

While in the CFHI program, participants will work alongside  healthcare professionals in their workplace, and in most cases, live with host families and learn more about the cultural and community health context. It is very important that students in the CFHI program act professionally and ethically at all times. Your reference should consider the qualities below in reference to your scholarship application

 Students who participate in CFHI programs should:

    • Be open minded and flexible.
    • Exhibit maturity of character.
    • Have a genuine interest in public health and medicine in a global context
    • Have adaptable social skills in a variety of settings, including humility
    • Be willing to take initiative in experiential education opportunities

 Students in CFHI programs should NOT:

    • Be overly judgmental or critical
    • Have difficulty adapting to unusual learning settings
    • Get easily frustrated in stressful situations
    • Be unprofessional in the workplace setting