General Eligibility

General Eligibility FAQ's

CFHI's general eligibility to participate in our global health education programs are highlighted on the right. Browse the frequently asked questions below for more details. Please contact us you have any further questions about our eligibility requirements.

- What if I am a few months shy of 19 when I participate? At times, we are able to make an exception to the 19 and over age requirement for mature applicants who have a sincere interest in global health and relevant experience. If you are 6 months or less away from 19 at the time of participation, please contact us at for additional requirements.

- Can I participate even if I do not fit into any of the categories listed? Yes.

- Do I have to be currently enrolled in a higher learning institution to participate? No, you do not have to be registered in higher learning institutions to participate in CFHI programs. CFHI programs are open to those with an interest in global health and non-students are also eligible.

- Can I participate even if I have not had any coursework related to health (Anatomy, Physiology) and/or experience in a clinical setting? Yes, although we do recommend that applicants get some clinical shadowing under their belts prior to the program. Basic biology and science classes are also recommended.

- What is the language eligibility for CFHI programs?  There is no language requirement for our programs in non-Spanish speaking countries as English is widely spoken by health personnel and local CFHI partners. All programs in Spanish-speaking countries have a minimum language requirement, which is listed under the “Eligibility- Who can apply?” tab for each program.