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With your support CFHI is transforming perspectives around the globe, building shared human understanding, empathy, and bonds to move forward together toward a brighter tomorrow!  CFHI is investing in community leaders to be the change they want in their worlds.  CFHI is investing in eager young hearts and minds who will lead in medicine, business, engineering, and public service.  CFHI is providing experiences of a lifetime allowing students to immerse themselves around the world and absorb new cultures, communities and ways of understanding the world.

" I had an amazing month-long global health experience in Quito with Child Family Health International. I witnessed some great medicine, took Spanish classes, immersed myself in the culture through a homestay, adventured across Ecuador, and made many lifelong friends. None of this would have been possible without the CFHI scholarship I was awarded. It was such a wonderful gift that allowed me to fulfill my dream of taking part in this program and experiencing global health firsthand. While any country will have differences in policy and operations I was surprised at just how similar clinic in Quito was when compared to my experiences in the US. In a way, it was a beautiful illustration of how universal the human condition is. No matter where you are from, what work you do, or how you identify, all humans face the same medical problems across the world. This is a simple and obvious truth that is surprisingly difficult to grasp until you experience it firsthand."

Samantha Estevez, CFHI Global Health Scholar | Quito, Ecuador

Thank you for supporting CFHI programs and partner communities around the world and for helping healthcare workers impact change in global health with your generosity.


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