Community Health Projects

CFHI Community Health Projects build and reinforce the importance of passion within resource-restricted communities. They use an asset-based community engagement approach that focuses on strengths rather than needs and weaknesses. These projects help to bring solidarity, financial support, material support, and exposure to innovative ideas that are led by local health care workers, community leaders, and other native change agents. Thus focusing on building local, sustainable capacity, skills, and fueling local passion to create a better tomorrow. 

CFHI supports these projects as a means of community empowerment, as well as a mechanism to counter the push factors that contribute to the loss of talent and leaders from low and middle income countries to high income settings. The projects contribute to the retention of health care workers by investing in their passion and projects, as well as a means of reinvesting in our partner communities that host participants in CFHI Global Health Education Programs. This belief in empowering local communities to realize their own strength-based agenda is a hallmark of our approach to development.

KIHEFO Community Outreach

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo, the founder of Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO), believes the community is KIHEFO’s greatest resource. With monetary support from CFHI, as well as through direct engagement from our program participants, KIHEFO is able to carry out its outreach efforts in the Kigezi region.Read more

Patti Village Clinic

Fully funded by CFHI, the Patti Village Clinic is the sole source of healthcare for underserved populations living in the northwestern foothills of the Himalayas and serves as the connective link between the clinic and larger medical facilities for more than 2,500 patients.Read more

Rabbit Breeding & Training Center

Began in 2013 | Kabale, Kigezi, Uganda 45% of Ugandan children under the age of 5 suffer from severe malnutrition, with 40% of the population living on less than $US 1.25 per day per person. Through support from CFHI, the Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO), opened the Rabbit Breeding and Training Centre in Kabale, Uganda in October 2013. The project began with 120 rabbits for breeding and...Read more

Reaching the Unreached

“Reaching the Unreached” aims to inform youth between the ages of 12 to 20 years old on nutrition, substance abuse, family planning, hygiene, and the importance of completing their education.Read more

Traditional Midwives Training

CFHI facilitates the only training for traditional midwives on safe birth techniques, recognition of obstetric emergencies, and addressing newborn distress in the state of Oaxaca. In collaboration with the local Ministry of Health and engaging medical students from Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM), CFHI’s training is entering its 8th year.Read more

Young Mother’s Empowerment Center (EMJ)

Dra. Cecilia Uribe de Chavez, pediatrician and CFHI La Paz Medical Director, created a safe haven for young mothers and a place of hope where education, vocational training, and health and child care is accessible.Read more

Children Growth & Development Center

Began in 2015 | Arusha, Tanzania Since first emerging as a global threat in the early 1980s, HIV/AIDS has been detrimental to the livelihoods of those living in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV/AIDS has contributed significantly to the number of children orphaned. According to the United Nations, 17.5 million children worldwide have lost one or both parents to AIDS and 14.1 million of those children live...Read more