CFHI impacts are far reaching and include community-based empowerment and development, while educating the next generation of global health leaders and change agents, as well as advocating for mindful global health programming. Join CFHI in its grassroots efforts to impact the world in meaningful, responsible, and creative new ways.

Advocacy & Research

CFHI’s reach goes well beyond our 40+ global health education programs in 11 countries, 250+ international partners, and 10,000+ alumni. Through advocacy and educational tools CFHI stimulates dialogues in international education and global health circles.Read more

Community Health Projects

CFHI Community Health Projects build and reinforce the importance of passion within resource-restricted communities. They use an asset-based community engagement approach that focuses on strengths rather than needs and weaknesses.Read more

Global Health Education Programs

In Special Consultative Status with the United Nations, Child Family Health International (CFHI) is a leader in community-based Global Health Education Programs embedding participants in existing health systems and elevating local medical and public health professionals as global health experts they are.Read more

Local Capacity-Building

CFHI recognizes local health workers and community leaders as important contributors to the global health education movement and experts that are key to understanding global health at the community level. CFHI works collaboratively with international communities to foster reciprocal partnerships and community empowerment.Read more