Academic Partnerships

The demand for global health education and international exposure is growing amogst students at all levels of education. Child Family Health International (CFHI) Academic Partnerships are collaborations between CFHI and schools and universities that help meet the demand for international global health-related programming. These partnerships ensure safety/security, academic rigor, ethical boundaries, and rich immersed learning that CFHI has come to be known for over our 20+ year history. The partnerships are done through a process to ensure value alignment and mutual fit.  Once created these partnerships usually last for many years.

Just so you know:

  • There is no financial cost to creating a partnership.
  • Our programs run without a 'minimum' number of students; so there is no pressure for high enrollment.
  • We welcome faculty site visit to any program sites.
  • CFHI has a complete enrollment system or you may use your own depending on your preferences.
  • CFHI meets risk management standards for insurance, emergency procedures, and risk mitigation.
  • CFHI includes assessment of student learning, as well as community impact.

Academic Partnerships offer many benefits:

  • Collaboration- Scale up your global program offerings through CFHI's partnerships in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and the Philippines.
  • Expertise- Leverage CFHI’s knowledge and experience in pre-departure training, risk/incident management, local logistics, and educational placements in clinical and public health settings. 
  • Connections- Utilize CFHI’s international partners who provide didactics, facilitated reflection, case-based discussions, and a wide array of global health curricular offerings.
  • Logistics and Administration- Depend on CFHI to take care of in-country logistics, liability coverage, program registration, and communications with students/parents.
  • Customization- Tailor CFHI Global Health Education Programs to provide student experiences that fit your needs such as community-based global health projects, research, and innovative collaborations within health systems in low and middle income countries.
  • Faculty-led Options- Facilitate faculty-led programs with a reliable partner who has been working with host communities year-round since 1992.

Feedback from CFHI Academic Partners:

"CFHI is the gold standard in terms of partnerships with university faculty.  Why do I say that? I've done programs where we developed our own relationships, it was extremely difficult. In most instances you don't have coordinated activities, you have little quality control, there is not a lot of stability...CFHI has been exceptional as a partner. It relieves pressure from faculty on the day to day activities and quality issues of the program."

-Dr. Adela de la Torre, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs, University of California, Davis

"Working with CFHI has been an absolute joy! This type of program was new for both us and them. The attention to detail, and to safety specifically, really put my mind (and the mind of our Dean) at ease." 

-Victoria Bianchi, Global Engineering Programs Manager, Stanford University School of Engineering

Creating an Academic Partnership with CFHI is a no-cost, collaborative process that allows you to get your unique needs met and to understand what CFHI can offer.  If you are interested in learning more, please email Learn more about all of CFHI's Global Health Education Programs.