About CFHI

Mission Statement

Child Family Health International is dedicated to transformative Global Health Education programs, research, and thought leadership emphasizing community leadership, global citizenship, and ethical engagement.

CFHI is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations.

Tax ID Number: EIN # 94-3145385

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about CFHI. CFHI is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that specializes in Global Health Education. CFHI's approach is unique: we offer individual trainees and university partners opportunities to learn about global health while embedded in existing health systems and social services sectors alongside local community members and leaders. We place our participants in appropriately scoped and supervised health settings and within sustainable Fair-Trade partnerships. We prioritize helping participants learn about context and the determinants of health so as to impart a broad-based understanding of the interplays between disease processes, social circumstances, poverty, resiliency, geopolitical realities, historical contexts, culture, and the complexities of health and wellness. CFHI utilizes an asset-based engagement model in which local communities own the educational narrative as they work to achieve health equity and social justice. CFHI's expertise is in preserving the authenticity of the community's expertise and presenting 'real-life' global health, while nesting programs in gold-standard educational pedagogies and ethical/safety standards, always in line with local laws and universal guidelines. We hope you will learn more about CFHI through our website, as well as sign up to receive our newsletters, educational programming, and become part of our thought community. Thank you for your interest in CFHI!

With gratitude,

Robin Young, MBA

CFHI Executive Director