Winnie Ellerman

Program and Outreach Assistant
Child Family Health International
(415)957-9000 ext. 801

As CFHI’s Program and Outreach Assistant, Winnie Ellerman is here to ease the worries of prospective and current participants. Winnie believes that traveling abroad is an amazing and challenging opportunity, and she provides customer support in order to ensure the success of our programs, for the participants as well as our global partners. Winnie is often times the first point of contact at CFHI, where she answers questions and listens to concerns over email, by phone and in person. She studied Molecular Biology at the University of California Santa Cruz before working for the US Peace Corps, where she was stationed in rural Namibia as a Mathematics and Science teacher. In her time with the Peace Corps, Winnie grew passionate about the importance of fostering intentional and respectful cross-cultural relationships when working internationally. 

Winnie enjoys bridging her love for science and health with the context in which we see healthcare, socially. She looks forward to continuing to learn about ethical approaches to global health and facing health disparities in the low-resource environments.