Webinar Series: Research in Action!

CFHI is providing a new and free webinar series, Research in Action! CFHI is collaborating with multiple partners to present a webinar series aimed to encourage, support, and improve global health education efforts through evidence-based information. Take part in this critical conversation and glean empirical evidence that can enhance your global health programming.

Webinar Series


Dr. Jessica Evert, CFHI Executive Director                                

Dr. Jessica Evert straddles international education and the medical profession. She served as CFHI Medical Director from 2008 to 2013 when she was appointed to the Executive Director role. Dr. Evert is Faculty in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, where she instructs in Global Health and community-based underserved care and helped develop, as well as completed, the Global Health Clinical Scholars residency track. In addition, Dr. Evert's research and advocacy areas of focus are the ethics of global educational engagement, competency-based international education, health disparities, asset-based programmatics and reflection. Dr. Evert will be the moderator for this webinar series. 


Benjamin Lough

Benjamin Lough, Associate Professor; MSW Program Director      

This year Dr. Lough will be researching and writing a UN State of the World’s Volunteerism Report. He is the lead researcher/writer for the 2018 report “Building Resilient Communities in a Turbulent World”. The research involves coordinating work of 12 international volunteers and a larger team of national volunteers in 15 countries as they research the contributions of volunteers to community resilience. He is also engaged in an experimental study, in collaboration with the BrookingsInstitution and OmniMed, to assess the contributions of Village Health Teams to public health and local capacity in rural Uganda. He will be presenting with Tiffany Kung and Dr. Jessica Evert in the first episode, New Findings Challenge Old Assumptions of Short-term Global Health Experiences, for the Research in Action webinar series. 

Tiffany Kung, Third Year Medical Student at Stanford School of Medicine

Tiffany worked with Dr. Jessica Evert to investigate the international host community perspective on the impact of sending US trainees to CFHI sites in Bolivia and India. Their paper, "Host community perspectives on trainees participating in short-term experiences in global health," was recently published in Medical Education. As the Omidyar Network and Stanford Haas Center International Public Service Fellow, Tiffany worked at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in South Africa from 2013-2014. Tiffany has also been a global health trainee in Ecuador, Honduras, and Brazil. She will be presenting with Dr. Lough and Dr. Evert in the first episode, New Findings Challenge Old Assumptions of Short-term Global Health Experiences, for the Research in Action webinar series.