Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in internships, study abroad, leadership development or service-learning should explore CFHI's Global Health Education Programs. CFHI is recognized by the United Nations and allows undergraduates to experience Global Health first-hand, while living with local families, and learning from local faculty and leaders. CFHI 2-week Global Health Intensives fit into Winter Break, while the 4+ week Global Health Immersion Programs are prefect for summertime or independent study during the academic year. CFHI programs are inter-professional, so students from various majors, including anthropology, biology, political science, language studies, and others, bring to the table their unique perspectives and understanding of complex Global Health issues to share. CFHI programs ensure that you are experiencing Global Health while maintaining ethical and professional boundaries, building your leadership and professional skills and understanding of the complexities that determine whether someone is sick or well. CFHI programs are a stepping stone to careers in medicine, nursing, policy, human rights, economics, business and much more.  

Programs usually focus on one or more global health related themes. You can find the full list below:

Primary Care and Health Justice

Public Health & Advocacy

Hospital & Inpatient Medicine

Maternal & Reproductive Health

Global Health Nursing

Pediatrics & Child Health


Urban/Rural Comparative

Traditional & Indigenous Medicine

End of Life & Palliative Care

Dental Care and Oral Health

Intensive Beginner Spanish

Vision/Ophthalmology/Fighting Blindness