Dr. Manohar Prasad

Position: Global Partner
Collaborating Partner

As the Senior Manager of Community Health Activities at SVYM’s Saragur resource center, Dr. Manohar oversees various community level initiatives including reproductive and child health, the mobile health unit, and community-based rehabilitation of people with disabilities, among others. He has several years of experience working in the development sector holding administrative positions and the planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of projects, with health as the sector of focus. He is also actively involved in activities related to training: capacity building, organizing field based camps, and developing IEC materials and training modules. His background being dentistry, Dr. Manohar also oversees dental outpatient clinics and participates in school dental screening programs. He has many years of experience working in the Dental College and Hospital, teaching undergraduates, conducting discussions and demonstrations. Dr. Manohar is also involved in research activities related to maternal and child health.

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