Online Course: Developing Global Health Expertise - Cross Cultural Effectiveness & Adaptability

This program is currently available only to custom groups. Contact robin@cfhi.org and jsamaan@cfhi.org if you are interested in learning more.


"This course has been transformational for me as a future healthcare provider.  It is something I would never get in medical school, but will make me a better doctor for all my patients and colleagues." -Program Participant

Developing Global Health Expertise: Cross Cultural Effectiveness & Adaptability is an 8-week long virtual training that includes self-paced and synchronous components. The training builds participant's skills in effectively working across cultures, building awareness of culturally-based approaches, and adaptability to multicultural settings. This training is offered in partnership with Aperian Global, a leader in workforce development for Fortune 500 companies and the business sector.  

Faculty for the training draw from CFHI’s worldwide community of Global Health experts and grassroots leaders. Participants complete an online self-paced modular training, attend virtual in-person sessions, and submit a capstone assignment. Those who complete the course are awarded a certificate.

CFHI offers options for students and faculty to fit your interests and schedule. Choose your program duration, or for a comparative experience, choose to participate in multiple programs. CFHI can also often accommodate alternate program dates upon request. For more information see our How to Apply page.


8 Weeks $195
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