Nursing Students

CFHI Programs are inter-professional and enable nursing students and recently graduated nurses to interact with a variety of other disciplines -cross pollinating approaches and philosophies. Nursing students and recent grads will find CFHI Programs provide an opportunity to explore Global Health policy, practice, and community engagement. CFHI programs focus on global health competencies that include and transcend bedside nursing to place the practice of nursing in the larger context of determinants of health, cultural practices, history, geopolitics and much more. CFHI programs lay the groundwork for nursing leadership in Global Health and the quest to address health disparities at home and abroad. Given tight schedules during nursing school, CFHI 2 week Global Health Intensives may be more feasible. Many nurses also participate soon after graduation when they have more time to do CFHI's 4-16 week Global Health Immersion Programs. CFHI is proud to have nursing leadership of our programs in South Africa and a Global Perspectives in Nursing program in Argentina.

Programs usually focus on one or more global health related themes. You can find the full list below:

Primary Care and Health Justice

Public Health & Advocacy

Hospital & Inpatient Medicine

Maternal & Reproductive Health

Global Health Nursing

Pediatrics & Child Health


Urban/Rural Comparative

Traditional & Indigenous Medicine

End of Life & Palliative Care

Dental Care and Oral Health

Intensive Beginner Spanish

Vision/Ophthalmology/Fighting Blindness