Marcia Henisz

Senior Consultant: CFHI Health & Safety

Marcia Henisz is Principal and Founder of SASSIE Consulting: Solutions for Academia for Safety and Security for International Experiences. With over two decades of experience in international education and six years focusing exclusively on safety and security, her work centers on the management and mitigation of international risk for academic travelers, including incident response, strategy and policy development and education of travelers. She is an active member of the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s Women in Security and Academia Sector Committees. From 2018-2020, she served as the Chair of the OSAC Academia Sector Committee. She has presented on safety and security strategies at NAFSA, the Forum on Education Abroad, URMIA and OSAC conferences and has contributed to multiple publications on the topic of safety and security in academia, including recent efforts to strengthen mental health support for travelers. Her focus on safety and security comes primarily from a desire to support lifelong international understanding and learning. A former French teacher, Marcia graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in French and a MT in Foreign Language Education.