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Founder & Director - Kumu Lani Isaacs
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Founder and Director, Kumu Lani Isaacs, a lifelong dancer, teacher and choreographer opened the `Alohi Polynesian Dance Academy in Kamuela, Hawai`i in 2011. Since 1978, her professional careers ran hand-in-hand as a Cultural Resource Director, Certified Corporate Trainer and Concierge Manager in the Hospitality Industry, and a professional entertainer. Under the direction of Kumu Hula Ke`ala Kukona, Kumu Lani owes her success as a seasoned dancer to her formal training. Hands-on experiences, accumulated over many years, has awarded her a fluency that is essential to not only the hospitality industry, but to that of the performing arts as well. With a compassionate heart & a firm hand, Kumu Lani continues to nurture her haumāna (students) – striving to develop their skills & talents in order to provide them opportunities for their future.