Intermediate Spanish

The programs below accept students with Intermediate Spanish. See guidelines below.

Conversational 1:
 “I can speak and understand what people say in familiar situations but I have difficulty with complex grammar and vocabulary.”

  • I can handle most situations likely to arise while travelling/working. I may make mistakes, speak slowly and ask the speaker to repeat him/herself, but I can get my point across. 
  • I can describe experiences, dreams, ambitions, etc. and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. Examples include summarizing an article or discussion or describing a case seen in clinic.

Conversational 2: “I can understand and communicate effectively on most complex topics.”

  • I can understand the main ideas of complex conversations on both concrete and academic/theoretical topics.  For example, discussing the pros and cons of the national healthcare system.
  • Conversations with native speakers go smoothly without strain for either party. I understand most details in conversation. I still make mistakes but tend to correct them.  I can understand most TV news and movies.