Global Health Education Programs

In Special Consultative Status with the United Nations, Child Family Health International (CFHI) is a leader in community-based Global Health Education Programs embedding participants in existing health systems and elevating local medical and public health professionals as global health experts they are. Uniquely CFHI, over half of student program fees go to strengthen the economy and compensate local communities for their time, expertise, and hospitality. The presence of CFHI participants in the community further supports local economies and provides a bridge to the global community. Research into CFHI’s approach has found that our programs are praised locally because they provide solidarity between host communities and participants, expand worldviews within host communities, and provide an opportunity to present their own stories and insights into global health through the community’s eyes.

CFHI Global Health Education Programs provide an intimate view of medicine, public health, and social determinants of health in low and middle-income countries. CFHI is impacting the next generation of leaders in global health, providing important insights in the “Know-Do Gap” that hinders global health aspirations. Studies on CFHI’s programs prove that they increase cultural competency, engender an appreciation for the broad determinants of global health, elevate understanding of public health, and provide esteem for local, native health care providers. Since its humble beginnings in 1992, CFHI has enrolled 8,000+ students from 35 different countries.