Executive Director Diversity Scholarship Drive

"A small ACT is worth a million thoughts."


Dear Friends, Colleagues, and CFHI Fans,

This holiday season there is much to be grateful for.  At CFHI, we are grateful to have transformed the lives of over 8,000 CFHI global health scholars to date, as well as countless members with our partner communities in 10 countries.  I have always been about walking the talk.  Prioritizing authenticity and genuity is the alignment that attracted me to CFHI over 7 years ago.  

One walk that is very important to CFHI is that of the diversity scholarship program.  CFHI is truly committed to social justice and health equity.  In order to achieve these aims we must provide leadership opportunities and training to students from the diverse communities who are themselves often suffering from health and economic disparities.  We can only do this with the financial support of people who share our vision. I am hoping one of these people will be you.

Please support my passion, and that of CFHI. By working through CFHI to impact this world you make it possible for CFHI to offer scholarships to young people poised on the edge of the transformative CFHI immersion process.  The solidarity between young people from traditionally disempowered and relatively impoverished communities in our own backyard and those around the world struggling to take care of their children and families basic needs is a powerful catalyst for progress at home and abroad.

We need you to work through CFHI to build the leaders, global citizens, and humans of tomorrow who will be joined and propelled by the shared human experience that is a cornerstone of CFHI programs.

The following quotes capture CFHI's impacts and inspire me to continue working with CFHI.  You can be a part of these amazing impacts by donating now to the Diversity Scholarship Fund.

"My time spent working with doctors and nurses in varying specialties was invaluable in giving me a chance to learn more about the health care field, as well as about intercultural medicine. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants more exposure to the medical field, or to those who aren't sure if this career is right for them. As for me, as a result of this program I have decided to continue along my path into medicine." -Chrissa Karagiannis 

"Over all this trip was a great experience! I will be a family medicine resident in a couple months and I am grateful for the additional Spanish I learned and the opportunity to experience a culture different from my own. I've always been committed to helping underserved populations and expanding my worldview and through this program I was able to do both!" -James Questel

"As a fourth-year medical student, I found great value in the classroom instruction in communication, symptom management, bioethics, and end-of-life care. However, I was most touched by my clinical experiences with the patients, especially on the home visits. Getting to step inside someone’s home and observe the home-care team’s interactions with the patients and families was a privilege. Empathizing with a patient’s situation is necessary in palliative care, and there is no better way to do this than to visit a patient in his or her home." -Pete Wallenhorst

Thank you for making my dreams and those of young people around the world possible.  


Jessica Evert MD
Executive Director, CFHI