Dr. Waman Bhatki

Medical Director - CFHI Mumbai, India
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Dr. Bhatki has worked with CFHI as Medical Director in Mumbai since early 2006. He has extensive experience working as a clinician, advocate, and philanthropist for leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and tuburculosis. He is currently serving as Coordinator for LEAP, Leprosy Elimination Action Program, WHO Consultant for leprosy control programs in various districts of Mumbai, and Chief Medical Superintendent for 16 municipal general hospitals, amongst a myriad of other professional commitments. His passion is teaching and training prospective medical and public health professionals about leprosy  and has characterized his time with CFHI, interacting with foreign students, as exciting and enlightening.In his spare time, Dr. Bhatki is a devoted cricket fan and enjoys reading and doing crafts such as painting with his grandson.