Dr. S.M. Dabak & Dr. S.S. Dabak

Medical Director& Local Coordinator - CFHI Pune, India
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Both Mr. & Mrs. Dabak have worked with CFHI since 2007. Mr. Dabak serves as the Medical Director and Mrs. Dabak the Local Coordinator, in tandem with a local caretaker who transports, cooks, and cleans for CFHI participants. They are graduates of B.J.Medical College in Pune, where they both stayed on to work for more than 30 years. They share a passion for teaching and take pride in working with CFHI participants. Since both of their children have emigrated to the U.S., nearly 10 years ago, and established a livelihood, they have a special affinity for the States. In their spare time, they enjoy taking Yoga classes and visiting different places in India, as well as travelling internationally when possible.