CFHI-AISquare Virtual Internship: Global Health, Social Networks & Research

Global Health + Social Networking + Research = AISquare.  An exclusive opportunity to intern for a multi-sector initiative bringing solutions for COVID-19 and other global health challenges through collaborative leadership facilitated by enabling systems including social networking and international bridge building in research and global health spheres.  This Virtual Global Health Internship in partnership with AISquare offers students the unique opportunity to explore global and public health issues broadly, while participating in ground-breaking efforts to bring together global researchers, increase accessibility of research findings and nurture cross-discipline collaboration necessary to combat the most pressing Global Health challenges including COVID-19. This internship straddles global health, scientific research, and social network building – uniquely positioning internship graduates with professional skills necessary to be future leaders in healthcare, technology, data science and other fields. 

The Virtual Global Health Internship in partnership with AISquare provides opportunities for participants to develop a diverse range of competencies and for personal and professional growth.

By the end of the internship, students will be able to:

  1. Describe culturally-based business and collaboration practices both as an individual and for US and other nationalities.  
  2. Build essential Global Health cross-cultural effectiveness and adaptability skills.
  3. Define Global Health and articulate the tenants of Global Health and Public Health.
  4. Conduct literature reviews on salient topics and build knowledge of key research repositories and databases.
  5. Gain skills in evaluating research studies, quality of evidence, and applicability.
  6. Enhance written skills including developing blog posts and increasing the accessibility of scientific findings for audiences worldwide. 
  7. Exhibit progress in developing communication skills that demonstrate respect for and awareness of unique cultures, values, and identities.

Estimated workload for full-time internship: 10-15 hours/week

This internship can be done for academic credit granted by a student's university or as an extracurricular/enrichment endeavor. 

CFHI offers options for students and faculty to fit your interests and schedule. Choose your program duration, or for a comparative experience, choose to participate in multiple programs. CFHI can also often accommodate alternate program dates upon request. For more information see our How to Apply page.


4 Weeks $250
8 Weeks $375
Arrival Dates: 
Dec 01, 2020 Jan 04, 2021 Feb 01, 2021 Mar 01, 2021 Apr 05, 2021 May 03, 2021 Jun 07, 2021 Jul 05, 2021 Aug 02, 2021 Sep 06, 2021 Oct 04, 2021 Nov 01, 2021 Jan 03, 2022 Feb 07, 2022 Mar 07, 2022 Apr 04, 2022 May 02, 2022 Jun 06, 2022 Jul 04, 2022 Aug 01, 2022 Oct 03, 2022 Nov 07, 2022 

These unprecedented times need extraordinary effort from purpose-driven people. 

AISquare is a platform dedicated to developing credible research and expert networks, to share, develop, and accelerate solutions for the local and global issues. Our current mission is to aggregate research and solutions, from around the globe, in one convenient location. 

We are actively seeking detail-oriented and passionate people who are looking to be part of a mission and make a difference in these times of COVID-19. The best fit candidate needs to have strong communication, networking and research abilities, who is able to synthesize information fast.  We are looking for fast-paced and organized individuals who are able to work efficiently while maintaining the quality of posts on COVID-19 at AISquare. 

The regional correspondents will be responsible for developing blog and media posts that report on innovation in their designated areas.  Since the work is virtual, we need someone who is responsive to email/text and has reliable access to the internet and a computer. Each correspondent has to be able to synthesize and post at least 5 brief articles/podcasts/videos per week, but more are encouraged. They should try and focus on solutions that are being created in places local to them, highlighting research that may not have gotten much exposure yet.

As part of this mission-driven, global organization, you will have an opportunity to work with the industry leaders from the public sector, private sector, and academia, in the realm of healthcare, technology, data science/AI, media and entrepreneurship. This exposure to solving human problems at a global scale will help further your future aspirations and build a purpose-driven life. 

Furthermore, being a Regional Correspondent will give you access to the AISquare Global Summit, which is a digital conference featuring renowned speakers and influencers from a variety of fields. This event offers a unique opportunity to network with and learn from other members of the AISquare community.