Aloyce Koillah

Program Manager - CFHI Tanzania
Global Partners
Collaborating Partner

A native of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro district in Arusha, Aloyce has extensive experience working with local communities and various NGOs and is cofounder of the Children Growth & Development Center. He completed his Bachelors degree in Health Service Management in Tanzania and his Master’s degree in Health Economics from the University of Kampala in Uganda. He currently works for the Public Health Department as Health Secretary in the Meru district. He speaks fluent English and has worked with international volunteers in the past. He enjoys introducing students to his country and helping them understand the culture in order to bridge the local community and international students. A father of two, he and his wife enjoy spending quality time with their children, traveling during the summer to the various wilderness parks in Tanzania, reading, keeping up with social media, and English soccer.