Advanced Spanish

The programs below accept students with Advanced Spanish. See guidelines below.


Advanced 1: “I can speak and express ideas fluently and spontaneously.”

  • I speak very well without much obvious searching for expressions, for example, explaining why I decided to join a CFHI program. I can make comparisons between different health systems and give health advice to a patient.
  • I am skilled at using contextual, grammatical and lexical cues to infer attitude, mood and intentions and anticipating what will come next.

Advanced 2: “I can understand virtually everything, use idiomatic expressions and speak with the precision and accuracy of a native.”

  • I can express myself fluently and precisely, with a natural colloquial flow. I differentiate finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations and can easily adjust to non-standard dialect or accent. For example, conversing naturally with a patient in a medical consultation and adjusting language based on the patient’s background and education.
  • I can summarize information from different sources, presenting arguments in a coherent way.  For example, convincing someone to stop smoking.