2 Week Global Health Immersion Intensives

Many CFHI program sites have an opportunitiy for a 2-week intensive program. Availability is depenent on local conditions and site capacities. Visit the program webpage of your choice to see if there is an option for a 2-week intensive under the "duration" section.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have questions about CFHI’s 2 Week Intensive programs? We have answers. You can also explore our more comprehensive FAQs page for more answers to your questions.

Q: What are the application requirements?
A: In order to apply, applicants must complete the following:

      1. CFHI Application: You must submit an online application through the CFHI website.
      2. Recommender: You must submit one recommender, who can be academic and/or professional. You must input their full name and email address.
      3. Application payment: After completing a brief application, you will submit a $45 application fee. This can be done with a credit/debit card. Please note that the application payment is in addition to the program fee. If your university partners with CFHI, you may use the coupon code you were issued to waive the $45 fee.

Q: How competitive is the application process?
A: Applicants with a strong interest in global health are highly encouraged to apply. We are able accommodate most students applicants who demonstrate a commitment to their communities and are passionate about improving health and wellness worldwide.

Q: When will I be notified if I am accepted into a 2 Week Intensive Program?
A: CFHI reviews applications on a continual, rolling basis year-round. We will notify you within a few days of your completed application if you have been accepted into a 2 Week Intensive program.

Ready to Apply? 

The application for the 2 Week Intensive program is simple and takes under 10 minutes to complete. If you aren’t quite ready to apply, consider connecting with a program team member who can provide more information about specific programs.