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Global Health Intensive:
2-week Programs
Community Initiatives Global Health Immersion:
4-16 week Programs
Global Health Immersion Programs
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CFHI offers intensive and immersive global health experiences. They are often referred to as global health internships, clinical electives, away rotations, or externships. They are open to all with an interest in global health.

CFHI Programs provide first-hand experiences alongside local physicians and public health experts in Latin America, Africa, and India. CFHI scholars are connected with clinical sites and public health organizations to learn how experts in resource-poor settings address healthcare challenges and innovate solutions. CFHI programs support underserved communities abroad and provide professional development for those interested in health or global health careers.

CFHI offers both 4-16 week or 2-week experiences. 4-16 week “Global Health Education Programs,” found below provide an in-depth, immersive experience spanning several clinical and/or public health sites and can be extended or combined to provide a comprehensive multi-geographic understanding of global health. 4-16 week CFHI Global Health Education Programs run year-round.

CFHI’s 2-week “Global Health Intensive Programs” provide a shorter, survey experience at select sites for those whose schedule does not allow for a more traditional CFHI program. For more on 2-week experiences, see our Global Health Intensives page.

Let the world change you!

Since the worst economic collapse in its history Argentina is on a path to economic growth and social inclusion. Join health experts and experience how increased funds for healthcare, shifts in public policy, and new waves of immigration during the last 10 years are changing the healthcare landscape.
  Global Perspectives in Nursing
  Hospital Medicine in Latin America
  Primary Care and Social Medicine in Latin America
Bolivia, in the heart of South America, is home to the most indigenous population in the region and is the poorest country in South America. Through CFHI become a part of Bolivian life and learn how these factors impact healthcare in this diverse country.
  Doing More With Less- Healthcare in Remote Southern Bolivia
  Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in La Paz, Bolivia
Ecuador, where CFHI began, takes its name from its location on the earth's equator and is host to a wealth of cultural and geographic diversity. Join rotations ranging from urban healthcare in the bustling capital of Quito to community-based health in the Amazon jungle. 
  Dentistry and Oral Health in Quito, Ecuador
  Urban & Rural Comparative Health, Ecuador
  Amazon Community and Indigenous Health, Ecuador
  Sexual Health as a Human Right: Ecuador's Unique Model
  Intensive Beginner Spanish and Healthcare in Quito, Ecuador
  Reproductive Health in Quito, Ecuador
  Andean Health: Patient Care from Hospitals to Community Clinics in Ecuador
India, with over 1 billion people is a confluence of religions, languages and cultures. Here, 50% of the urban population lives below the poverty line. CFHI programs from Mumbai to the Himalayan region immerse participants in ancient cultural traditions and complex healthcare systems.
  Palliative Care In Southern India
  Public Health & Community Medicine in India
  Rural/Urban Himalayan Rotation, India
  Sight for All- Ophthalmology Rotation in New Delhi, India
  Maternal and Child Health in Pune, India
  Introduction to Traditional Medicine, India
  Confronting Tropical Disease Challenges in Mumbai, India
Mexico-the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. Live in the state of Oaxaca, where it is estimated that 50% of inhabitants have no access to primary health care. Experience the challenges of Mexican healthcare workers and learn about contemporary social issues facing local populations.
  Women's Reproductive Health, Mexico
  Intensive Beginner Spanish and Healthcare in Oaxaca Mexico
  Realities of Health Access and Inequities in Oaxaca, Mexico
  Tropical Medicine and Community-Based Care on the Coast of Mexico
  UC Davis Quarter Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico
South Africa
Experience the healthcare challenges facing South Africa first-hand, where under the Apartheid regime the majority of people had limited or no healthcare until the 1990's. Now under majority rule, great strides have been made and efforts to reach underserved communities are ongoing.
  Healthcare Challenges in South Africa, Cape Town
  HIV/AIDS & Healthcare in Durban, South Africa
In Uganda over 80% of the population lives in rural settings. Travel to Uganda and join healthcare initiatives implementing education, counseling, and clinical care alongside community healthcare workers, volunteers and others mobilizing for improved health and livelihoods in the countryside of southwestern Uganda.
  Nutrition, Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture in Kabale, Uganda
  Exploring HIV & Maternal/Child Health in Kabale, Uganda
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