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  Intensive Beginner Spanish and Healthcare in Quito, Ecuador  




Slideshow above includes photos from all CFHI program sites in Ecuador. Click on the “Photo Gallery” bullet on the right side-menu for program-specific photos. 

  • Nearly 60% of Quito's population lives in extreme poverty.
  • The general mortality rate in Ecuador is 4.1 per 1,000 inhabitants.

Come immerse yourself in Quito's spirited culture! CFHI’s Intensive Beginner Spanish & Healthcare program in Quito, Ecuador is designed for those with little to no knowledge of the Spanish language, but who wish to increase their cultural and linguistic competency as well as their understanding of health care delivery in a low-resource setting. Participants will be exposed to the local public health care system within an urban environment while gaining an understanding of the social and economic factors that impact the health of the local population.

Within this language-intensive program, participants will take two weeks of intensive Spanish classes while volunteering with local non-profits in the afternoons. Students will have the opportunity to volunteer at a wide variety of non-profits, including orphanages, public schools, a home for young abused mothers and girls, and a food shelter. The last two weeks will focus on utilizing and expanding Spanish and medical Spanish skills during clinical rotations at local healthcare facilities and additional Spanish classes. Participants will gain exposure to Ecuador's public healthcare system by participating in various clinical rotation sites that provide free or low cost services to the urban population.

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to review the bulleted sections found on the right side of this page for important Program Details such as logistics and program structure, Program Fees, etc. Read Why CFHI to find out more about CFHI program objectives.
Since this is a new program, please see the "What Alumni Say" section for the Andean Health program, another program based in the city, which will give you a better idea of the day to day activities and what the experience is like for participants in our programs during the last two weeks of clinical rotations. If you would like to speak to alumni of this program via email, contact alumni@cfhi.org for more information.

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